1. Bryan County Address Request Form

    Fill out this form to request to change your address.

  2. City Action Request / Suggestions

    This is one method of making requests or suggestions to the City of Durant.

  3. Clean & Green Volunteers Form

    Complete this form if you would like someone to contact you and discuss details about being a clean and green volunteer.

  4. Permit Applications

    View the online forms you use to apply for a permit.

  5. Potential Project Contractors

    Fill out this form to become eligible as a contractor for various Durant City projects.

  1. Records Request

    Fill out a Durant City records request.

  2. Rezoning Application

    Fill out the rezoning application.

  3. Subdivision / Plat Application

    Fill out the subdivision / plat application.

  4. Tower or Facility Climbing / Access Form

    Fill out this form to request City of Durant tower or facility climbing / access.