Solid Waste (Trash Collection & Landfill)


Please help us serve you better in the collection of your residential refuse!

The City of Durant currently operates automated collection trucks.  Please take note of the requests below in order to make collection as efficient as possible. 

1.  Place polycart NO further than 3 feet away from the street.

2.  Put polycart out the night before pickup day.

3.  Place polycart with the lid opening facing the curb.  Handles should face the house.

4.  Polycarts should be set away from mailboxes, cars, trees and any other obstructions.

5.  Residents with 2 or more polycarts should be placed about 2 feet apart.

6.  Lids on  polycarts need to be closed with no trash sticking out.  No trash placed on lids.

7.  City provided polycarts ONLY.  Extra cans or bags will be left at the curb.

8.  No brush, boards, metal or any other non-household waste should be placed in polycarts.

9.  If waste is not collected for the above reasons, a separate trip for collection will result in an additional charge of $21.50.


SOLID WASTE DISPOSAL:  Construction & Demolition Landfill

1620 Blanchard Road


Mon.--Fri.   7:00 a.m. --- 3:00 p.m.

Saturday    7:00 a.m. --- 1:00 p.m.

Transfer Station Rate (minimum charge)    $14.50

Transfer Station Charge per ton (including DEQ fee)   $60.50

C&D Construction Landfill (minimum charge) $14.50

C&D Landfill Charge per ton (including DEQ fee)     $37.95




Curbside Pickup: one free & scheduled pickup per month as follows based on your regular trash pickup date:

  1. Scheduled regular trash pickup Monday, extra pickup 1st Wed. of each month
  2. Scheduled regular trash pickup Tuesday, extra pickup 2nd Wed. of each month
  3. Scheduled regular trash pickup Thursday, extra pickup 3nd Wed. of each month
  4. Scheduled regular trash pickup Friday, extra pickup 4th Wed. of each month

Curbside Pickup: 2nd free & call in pickup per month, call 580/924-8358 to schedule your 2nd free pickup.