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    Durant, Oklahoma 74701
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  February 2017  
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Community Development
Community Development Department
300 W Evergreen Street


The Main Goal of the Community Development Department is to protect the health, safety and well being of the citizens of Durant. Through administering the resources of the Community Development Department we are able to assist the citizens of Durant with Building Safety, Code Enforcement, Planning and Development, Floodplain Management, Mapping and GIS, Environmental Quality and Zoning to promote the growth and development within the community. The Community Development Department has five full time employees and seven sub-departments.

Building Safety: Ensure all construction within the City of Durant conforms to the International Building Codes that the city had adopted as ordinance.

Code Enforcement: Ensure that each property within the City of Durant conforms to the adopted ordinances of the city. (Example tall grass and weeds, trash and debris)

Planning and Development: Establishes and maintains direction and regulation over the Planning and Development of all Housing, Business and Sub-Division Developments. Ensure comprehensive implementation of the City’s General Plan and conformity to City ordinances.

Floodplain Management: Ensures that all property within the Federal designated floodplain, within the City of Durant conforms to the 44CFR (Code of Federal Regulations) City Ordinance as well as State Law.

Mapping and GIS: Issue City 911 addresses document and maintain information regarding city infrastructure, water, sewer, roads, floodplain, parks, highways, new developments and easements. Researches information requests from Administration and provides the general public with maps requested.

Environmental Quality: To ensure that all citizens are protected from environmental hazards. The City of Durant does so by enforcing the rules and regulations set forth by Federal, State, and City codes and ordinances.

Zoning: Ensure all structures and developments within the City conform to the Zoning Districts adopted by the city. Write and/or re-write City ordinances in regards to zoning.

(For fire code inspections, call the Durant Fire Marshall (Wade Boyd) at 580-924-8621)  


Marty Cook

Building Offical



Marty Pope

Building Inspector



Darla Smith

Code Enforcement Officer

Planning and Zoning



Aaron Walkup


911 Addresses