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  • City of Durant
    300 W Evergreen
    Durant, Oklahoma 74701
  • Phone 580-931-6600
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  March 2017  
Upcoming Events


Municipal Court
5:30 PM
Monday eves (except holidays)
City Hall, 300 W Evergreen at Council Chambers 110
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Building Permits

City Clerk

City Manager

City Treasurer

Code Enforcement

Durant Multi-Sports Complex

Economic Development

Emergency Management

Environmental Lab

Extra Hauling- Solid Waste

Fire Department- Non Emergency

Finance Office- Accounts Payable

Finance Office- Accounts Receivable

Highland Cemetery- Maintenance Office

Highland Cemetery- Records and Lots

Human Resources

Lake Durant

Library- Donald W. Reynolds Community Center and Library

Municipal Court Clerk

Parks and Recreation

Planning and Zoning

Police Department- Non Emergency

Pollution Control Plant

Pool- Carl Albert

Public Works Main Office

Senior Citizen Center

Sharps Disposal

Solid Waste Collection

Landfill Transfer Station

Street Department

Utility Office

Water and Sewer Emergency and After Hours

Water and Sewer Maintenance

Water Treatment Plant

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If you are unable to locate information and/or the department, please call 580-931-6600


Eaker Field Airport
10 Waldron Dr. 
Durant, OK 74701

For information call 580-920- 0574
For Information on Weather call 580-931-3790

City Clerk

Maintains the official City records.

Finance Office Accounts Receivable:
call 580-931-6645
Finance Office Accounts Payable:
call 580-931-6644
Municipal Court Clerk:
call 580-931-6646
Utilities Office:
call 580-931-6630
For information call 580-931-6640

City Manager

To contact the city manager call 580-931-6605

City Treasurer

To contact the treasurer's office call 580-931-6651

Community Development

Building Permits, Code Enforcement Parks and Recreation, Planning and Zoning
Garage Sale Permits 

For more information call 580-931-6610

Durant Multi-Sports Complex

To contact the multi-sports complex call 580-924-8190

Economic Development

 To contact the Economic Development department call 580-924-4570

Emergency Management 

To contact Emergency Management call 580-924-3661

Environmental Lab

To contact the Environmental Lab call 580-924-3416

Fire Department 

To contact the Fire Department for a Non-Emergency call 580-924-2358

Highland Cemetery 

Maintenance Office:
To contact the Maintenance Office call 580-924-4250

Records and Lots:
To contact records and lots call 580-931-6641

Human Resources 

To contact Human Resources department call 580-931-6642

Lake Durant 

To contact Lake Durant call 580-920-0879


Donald W. Reynolds Community Center and Library

To contact the library call 580-924-3486

Police Department

To contact the police depart regarding a non-emergency or to report water and sewer emergencies and after hours call 580-924-3737

Pollution Control Plant 

To contact the pollution control plant call 580-924-6626

Swimming Pool

Carl Albert Swimming pool

To contact the swimming pool call 580-924-2087

Public Works Department

Sharps Disposal or Solid Waste Collection call 580-924-2707

Water and Sewer maintenance call 580-924-8923

Street Department:
For more information call 580-924-8828

Main Office:
For more information or Extra Hauling of Solid waste call 580-924-8358

Senior Citizens Center

To contact the Senior Citizens Center call 580-924-3659

Landfill and Transfer Station

To contact the Landfill call 580-920-2579

Water Treatment Plant 

To contact the Water Treatment Plant call 580-924-1487


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