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  March 2017  
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City Hall, 300 W Evergreen at Council Chambers 110
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Swimming Pool

The Carl Albert Swimming Pool is located at 1301 Gail Farrell Dr. off of North Washington and Carl Albert Drive in Carl Albert Park. For information regarding the upcoming Summer Swim Season 2015 at the Durant City Pool call 580-924-2087


Daily Admission Fees :                                         Multi day admission fees I punch card pass

Children (0- 5 years)- $1.00                                               Season Pass- Individual- $80.00

Students (6- 18 years)- $3.50                                            Themed night (select nights) - $2

Adults (19- 54 years)- $3.50                                              Season Pass- Individual- $80.00

Seniors (55+ years)- $1.00                                      Season Pass- Family (2- 5 members) - $160.00

Youth & up (6- 54 years)- $3.50                              Season Pass Family (6+ members)- $180.00

Seniors (55+ years)- $1.00                                               30-visit Punch Card: $75.00

Everyone (after 3:00pm-5:00pm) - $2

A Rain Check will be issued for each patron having paid the Daily Admission Fee or utilizing the Punch Card if the pool is closed prior to 2:30p.m. during the 1:00- 5:00 session.

Swim Lessons:

Group lessons during the week for approximately 6 people (4-5 lessons/group @ 50 min. each Monday- Friday) $75.00, Group lessons held on Saturday for approximately 6 people (4 lessons/group@ 50 min. each) - $75.00, Lifeguards providing these lessons are not to be on city time/payroll.

Private lesson for 1 person (4 lessons@ 50 min. ea.) -$100.00 ($90.00 to instructor, $10.00 to city. Lifeguards providing private lessons are not to be on city time/payroll.

Pool Parties:

  • $250.00 for 2.0 hours with up to 60 guests , including swimmers and spectators, shall be paid with the application. $20.00 shall be charged per additional25 guests.


  • $100.00 deposit is required and will be applied to final billing if no damage is present and the facility is left clean.


  • Self-Instruct Water Aerobics : $45.00 a month from July 1 through July 31.

      This will be a self-instruct class with a staff member present at all times.


  • Lap Swim (Bank-Fitness Club, Triathlon competitors, Lap swimmers): $20.00 a month from July 1 through July 31.


  • Non-Profit Organizations Group Rate: $2.50 per patron with a group of 20 or larger.


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