The Durant Police Department has a strong Criminal Investigation unit. Investigator's duties range from normal burglary investigations to complex financial crimes, and Homicide. Our investigators are fortunate to have the support of the department and the City of Durant.

Investigators are sent to several specialized schools to facilitate and enhance their ability to effectively bring closure to offenses referred to them by our patrol division. We have investigators who specialize in sexual assault, child abuse, domestic violence, economic crimes, internal affairs and homicide investigation.

Recognition Given to Durant Police Department

The Durant Police Department was invited to join the United States Secret Service sponsored Oklahoma City Economic Crimes and Identity theft task force in 2010 and as a result have filled several cases in Federal court.

Two of the Members of the Criminal Investigation Division are in the process of receiving Special Deputy United States Marshal Commissions from the Eastern District of Oklahoma. This will assist us in the investigation of crimes committed in Durant and erases jurisdictional boundaries that could have previously hindered investigations.

The Criminal Investigation Division also has a Federal Bureau of Investigation trained hostage negotiator.