No person other than the person who received the citation or their attorney may enter a plea.


You admit that the act is prohibited by law and that you committed the act charged. Before entering a plea of guilty you should first understand the following:
  • The State has the burden of proving that you violated the law.
  • You have the right to hear the State’s evidence and to require the State to prove you violated the law.
  • A plea of guilty may be used against you later in a civil suit if there was a traffic accident.

Nolo Contendere (No Contest)

You do not contest the State’s charge against you. You will be found guilty, unless you are eligible and complete the deferred disposition. A no contest plea may not be used against you in a subsequent civil suit for damages. The fee for a deferred disposition is $50.

Not Guilty

You are denying guilt and requiring the State to prove the charge filed against you. If you plea not guilty, you must decide if you wish to hire an attorney or represent yourself at trial.